WTOC 2017, Birštonas

Word Trail Orientieering Championship


Dear orienteering friends,
andriusAs you have already noticed a falcon – bird with extra good vision and capability to choose fast the right choice from the distance is on the WTOC 2017 logo. We have chosen it as the symbol of the whole Event and expecting your capabilities in the competition will be as good as falcons.
The course terrains were picked to be challenged and tricky for tasks solving. We will do our best to make precise maps and tasks. My goal – each control to be conundrum with the solution you will have to find out. No rest together with maximum concentration will lead the strongest competitors to victory.
I am pleased to have the opportunity of planning and setting courses for World TrailO elite. Let the strongest win, not eventuality.
Wishing to catch success for all of you,

Andrius Jovaiša, Course setter